Easy Money Guides: Save up to $1,000 in 28 Days

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Can you save up to $1,000 in 28 Days? Or how about $500?

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. And raises, bonuses, and gifts seem to disappear as fast as they occur. But what if you spend 4 weeks really focusing on your income and expenses? Are you up to the challenge of saving $500 . . . or even $1,000? Think about it. Sell some things. Bring in a little more income. Cut your spending habits. And you could be sitting with a nice chunk of change in your savings account.

What's inside?

1. Challenge Yourself!

2. Make it a Game

3.Sell Stuff

4. Go on a Money Diet

5. Grow your Income

6. Add it Up

7. 28 Savings Tips

8. Report In

In addition to the Guide, you'll receive downloadable calendar pages, a coloring page, and as a special BONUS - the Side Hustle Navigator.  

This Challenge will help you find  money in mysterious places!

What's the cost for the Guide?

This and downloadables are FREE to you. After you've completed the Challenge, I invite  you to complete a survey, where you can BRAG about your success. If you feel there's value here, the suggested fair price is $5. 

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1 Downloadable PDF Guide with Clickable Links + 1 $500 Calendar PDF + 1 $1,000 Calendar PDF


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Easy Money Guides: Save up to $1,000 in 28 Days

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