Happy Nomad: Adventures and Musings from Year 1 on the Road

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In 2020, I traded in my house for an RV and a life of adventure. This is my travelogue, complete with photos and a month-by-month recap. Each chapter includes a list of things I learned and links to videos. 


  • Welcome
  • Introduction
  • Month 1 - What the Hell was I Thinking?
  • Month 2 - Where's the Race?
  • Month 3 - Mountain Legs and Friends
  • Month 4 - Gators and Hurricanes
  • Month 5 - Where's my Big Texas Welcome?
  • Month 6 - Revival at the River
  • Month 7 - Island Time!
  • Month 8 - So much for Good Intentions
  • Month 9 - The Big Freeze
  • Month 10 - Brenda Versus Bison
  • Month 11 - West Coast Family Time
  • Month 12 - Full Circle
  • It's a Wrap
  • My Stuff

A Note About my Values

This ebook is about my personal journey, and like all of us, my experiences are shaped by my values. So I'll be upfront about them and let you decide whether this will be a good read for you.

Masks and Vaccinations are Cool. I left my home in Virginia on May 27, 2020, as the nation struggled with the COVID-19 pandemic. My goal throughout this period was to protect myself and others. I support masks and vaccinations. Varying levels of compliance with federally recommended guidance impacted my experiences, and are discussed in this book.

The January 6 Siege on the Capitol was NOT Cool. There was no escaping politics on the road. The Presidential election and the interim period between Presidents was a time of great divisions, and campgrounds were not immune. For the record, I value social justice, the right to vote, and science. If you like red hats and rebel flags, this may not be the book for you.

Is the Download FREE?

Yes, you can download this ebook for free. If you'd like to contribute to my gas fund, the fair price is $5.

I want this!

Happy Nomad: Adventures and Musings from Year 1 on the Road

0 ratings
I want this!