Money Micro Habits Workshop and Toolkit

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Build Powerful Money Habits in this Workshop

Don't Let your Habits Sabotage your Finances! 

How many times do you start the day with good intentions, and then . . . your habits take over! You know what I mean? You had planned to stay away from the sweets, but that mid-afternoon break on a hectic day was certainly deserving of an indulgence. Or you planned on getting some high quality sleep, but got sucked into social media before bedtime. Ah, habits!

When we think of habits, we think of healthy - and unhealthy - habits. The truth is, you probably have some unhealthy financial habits.

  • Are you frustrated and upset? How about a little retail therapy to make you feel better? At least . . . temporarily.
  • Or you discover an amazing deal. Who doesn't love a good deal? But did you just spend money on something that you don't need and will take up space in your closet?
  • Maybe your habitual thoughts - "I'll never be rich," or "I'm just not smart with money" - are part of your self-sabotaging game? What goes on in that complicated brain of yours?

What's the Best Thing about Habits?


Now I'm not going to say it's easy, but YES, you can positively absolutely 100% change your habits. Are you ready to make some changes that will boost your money game?

Join me for 60 minutes and I’ll help you:

  • Discover the cues that prompt spending habits
  • Craft a strategy to change your habits
  • Use behavioral finances to boost your motivation and resolve
  • Create 5 new habits that will help you master your money

Here are some of the Topics we'll Cover:

  1. How the habit loop works and the 5 cues that trigger our routines
  2. How to experiment with new routines and rewards to create better habits
  3. How a keystone habit and habit stacking can lead to enormous changes
  4. Tips and tricks from the field of behavioral finances that can feed into habits
  5. Tools that will help you develop 5 powerful money habits

Learn how to Create Powerful Money Habits in this Workshop

When you make your purchase, you get instant access to the Workshop video and slide deck. Plus, you'll receive an additional bonus - the Money Micro Habit Toolkit.

What can you Expect from the Workshop and Toolkit?

Sometimes, it feels as if our habits control our lives. We're going to reverse that. You will be in control of your habits. And you are going take steps on the money front that empower you, and give you the confidence to know that you have all the capacity and tools to take charge of your financial future.

Meet your Coach, Dr. Brenda

This workshop is led by Dr. Brenda. She is a sociologist, financial coach, adventurer, and full-time RVer traveling the country with her three cats. Dr. Brenda helps women build financial freedom and design their dream lives. She is the founder of the Gutsy Women Finances community.

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Money Micro Habits Workshop and Toolkit

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