Can you take your cats RVing?

When I first thought of trading in my house for an RV and seeing the country, my first thought was, what about the cats? Will I traumatize them by taking them on the road? What can I do to get them to adjust to the RV life? Maybe, just maybe, I can do things that will make them happy with the lifestyle?

Here I am nine months later, with three cats curled up next to me. They have an amazing catio with a tunnel ramp that allows them to race in and out of the RV window. My oldest cat has become a superstar on the leash, even meriting her own Facebook page and line of clothing! Not only can you travel with cats, but you can give them amazing - and safe - experiences exploring new surroundings.

If you're thinking about RVing with cats, download my FREE guide. I want you . . . and your cats . . . to be happy.

Hope to see you on the road,

Dr. Brenda




RVer's Guide to Traveling with Happy Cats

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